Thank You for supporting our day shelter through the Winter.
With Spring and Summer the needs of the community change.

- Men’s: (all sizes)Rain gear, denim or cargo utility pants [no dress pants please], boxer briefs, ( sizes L - 3XL), larger sized hooded and regular sweatshirts, sturdy belts (larger sizes), water resistant hiking boots (sizes 9-13), and boot socks.

- Women's: (all sizes)
socks,Ladies underwear/briefs, denim or cargo pants, larger sized hooded and regular sweatshirts. Water resistant hiking boots (sizes 6-9)

 - Water resistant / rain gear 

- Sleeping bags, tarps, and 3-4 person tents instead of single person tents so that groups of people can build up more body heat. It also allows for greater safety in numbers, space to stretch out and rest, and space to keep essential personal belongings more secure.

- Sturdy adult backpacks and dufflebags. 
-  Warming packet for back pain.  
- Tarps, rope, and bungee cords to create cover and to secure materials.
- Clean blankets an sleeping bags.
- Foot powder, deodorant, pallets of water (consumption, cooking & cleaning).
- Very large ziplock bags. (gallon size or larger)
- First Aid items: Bandaids, first aid cream, Neosporin, etc.
- Monetary donations are always greatly appreciated. 

- Food products for bagged lunches please see Feeding Ministries for details.

     Thank You for serving with us !