Welcome to Abiding Ministries of Pittsburgh!


  We are a faith community beyond walls, abiding with God and one another from the streets, camps, shelters, city neighborhoods and congregations of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  

  Many of us live without shelter or without stable shelter. Some of us will continue to live without shelter, others are in transition to stable shelter and still others are newly sheltered. You are invited to join with us in fellowship, service, and worship.

  Abiding Ministries has a base for community mission and worship at the former Bethlehem Lutheran Church, in Allentown, 731 Excelsior St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15210.

  Abiding has concluded the Emergency Cold Weather Day Shelter at New Hope Methodist Church on the North Side, 114 W. North Ave for the spring an summer months. Please check the Emergency Cold Weather Shelter section for when to expect Cold Weather Shelter days. This section will be updated as needed.

 If you would like to drop off donations or any supplies, please contact Abiding's Bethlehem office for when to do so:

Contact info at Bethlehem office:

Pastor Christine Rotella

office phone: 412-481-1161  or

email: abiding731@gmail.com


Monetary donations can be made to:

Abiding Ministries

731 Excelsior St

Pittsburgh PA 15210